Friday, February 10, 2006

Hello One & All!!

I'm currently not knitting any socks, or anything for that matter...sprained both wrists...bummer indeed! Knocked me right off of my Olympic team, too!! But, that's okay, because I shall heal and once again knit like the wild woman that I am!! I love this book, my sweet husband surprised me with it one day; it seems to be full of all sorts of info...YAY!! I intend to take my much awaited "Sock Sabbatical" in the near future in which I do nothing but knit socks (ahhhh ... bliss) and learn different ways to construct socks and just play with socks in general. I have a rather large box of sock yarn under my bed that calls out to me daily..."Becka, we need to be socks, we want to be socks, we must be us, please..." How does a girl not listen to such a plea from beautiful sock yarns?! the near future I will join your ranks as one should, actually knitting some of these yummy socks from this sensational book & lookin' forward to it, I must say!
Happy Sock Knitting to my fellow sock knitting addicts.....Becka


Glinda said...

Becka, the visual of little yarn people under your bed is great! I know this sounds weird, but it reminds me of the seen in MIB II where Will Smith and the other guy (senior moment...can't remember his name) open the locker to find the other guy's watch. Okay, I'll admit sense of humor borders on the quirky.

I hope your wrists heal quickly so you can get back to knitting!

Elizabeth said...

Sorry to hear about your wrists. I cant imagine! I like how you talk about your sock yarn speaking to you! Very cute, indeed!
I wish mine would talk to me! Then I would get some socks made.
Maybe they do talk to me and I dont hear them? I need to pay attention when Im in their presence.

me said...

LOL...I thought that everyone's sock yarn 'spoke' to them...LOL!! And sense of humor is a tad 'quirky' as one may have already noticed..LOL!! must be doing what I am doing, getting other projects done & THEN, after all is out of the way...and only then...I will have a very long, very, very nice Sock Sabbatical in which I am in my own "Sock Knitting World" when nothing else (other projects) will disturb me and I am just going to have a whole bunch of sock knitting fun & experimentation...YEAH BABY!!! It will be an adventure...especially with the speaking yarn & whatnot...LOL!