Sunday, February 12, 2006

Knitting Olympics with bonus

That original omigod pink toe-up 'proof of concept' sock went the way of the frog pond (as was intended; not enough yarn for two socks), so I'm doing another pair of socks in the same Beaded Rib pattern I was doing with that one.

Action shot! That was me earlier today, watching the Olympics, and working on a sock. Filatura di Crosa Zara Plus, one skein. Good stuff. I'm in the middle of a row here, so you can get a good view of how I work with my yarn. I work mainly by feel if it's a single stitch, and you can see my fingers working here.

I managed something new -- I adjusted a pattern. For one, I had to do the pattern at 5 spi, which SKS doesn't give directions for. (No sweat; I cast on with 40 as the KHBoP suggested.) And since I've decided I'm never doing another *censored* p3tog tbl again in my *censored* life, I switched the short rows to do k3tog tbl and simply p3tog. Looks much, much better.

The finished project, darker than I'd like but the best I can manage for now. For the leg, I did a few rows (and forgot to count how many) in pattern and then switched to plain stockinette, in the process adding some Trendsetter Tootsie to carry with it. It did indeed make my gauge balloon, but I actually was hoping for that. I'll give 'em a decent handwash (even though the yarn's machine washable) and I'll paint some stuff on the bottom of the foot with fabric paint so they don't slide all over my floors. I'm thinking pawprints, just 'cause I can.

Both finished slipper-sock-things will be posted; I just wanted to share my happy successful pattern!

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Glinda said...

Those look great!