Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sock Stymied

I am in a rut. I cannot get the socks started. I cannot make up my mind which sock to cast on, which yarn to cast on with, or which method to use. Toe up? Top down? Magic Loop? Five needle or four needle? I even tried to order some sock yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, but it is on back order. I thought that if I got my hands on some of that beautiful yarn, inspiration would flow from my fingertips, up through my arms to the core of my being and VOILA....I'd know what to do!!!

This is so indicative of my current life situation. I've decided that I am in limbo; that's all there is to it. The Cliff Notes version is that I am in the process of divorce. Until I get a final agreement from my scumbag-soon-to-be-ex-husband (SSTBX), I am on auto-pilot. I am still knitting, but just can't seem to get the sock thing going. Is it okay if I tell you what I am knitting if it's not socks? I am knitting the Mariposa Bamboo Shawl. I picked up the yarn in Ketchikan, Alaska this summer (on an ill-fated cruise with SSTBX). I am almost finished. My knitting time is limited to lunch hours, and the occasional nightly knitting. I am envious of all you prolific knitters who seem to be able to turn out FO after FO. I think I may just be the queen of UFOs.

Back on track to sock knitting now....what are some of YOUR recommendations? Does anyone have a preference of toe-up versus top-down? Does anyone use the Magic Loop method? Somebody inspire me, please!!!


Karen said...

Glinda, I always knit cuff down, have never tried toe up. Currently OTN: Jaywalker-Shaefer/Anne, Baby Cable Rib (SKS)-Trekking #103, Fan Lace (SKS)-Cherry Tree Hill/Potluck, Plain Sock-Fortissima/9071,Denmark (KOTR)-KnitPicks Merino/Cornflower, New England (KOTR)- KnitPicks Essential/Burgandy. And some baby socks too. I hope this will inspire you rather than discourage you. I look at my list and think I'm crazy to have so many going at once, but if I get tired of knitting one I can pick up another. I hope your situation gets better and you find your sock mojo soon.

me said...

Thus far my fave is your standard 5 dpn cuff down method. Although...I intend to take some nice long time, my Sock Sabbatical, in which I learn various forms of sock construction...YAY!!! And this book is going to be so much fun & quite helpful. Truthfully, I've not knit socks in quite some time..but I am VERY addicted to knitting socks :0). Let's just have fun

laughingrat said...

Wow, that sounds like a rough time. I am new to this knitalong, but I didn't mind hearing about your non-sock knitting.

To me, top-down, heel-flap socks are something I can knit while I'm on "automatic." They're very comforting to me. The SKS book is helping me branch out from that a little, but there are so many simple stitch patterns in there, especially towards the beginning--maybe you can find one that feels like it will be straightforward, and use it as "comfort knitting." Good luck with all the stuff you have happening, too.

Kyrthira Phelan said...

I have become a total toe-up convert. I detailed some changes to the short-row pattern in my post, but I'm liking the idea that one skein of yarn will equal one sock. Plus, I can try it on as I go a lot easier.