Friday, September 29, 2006

SKS Socks of Doom

Not sure how many of you are in YarnMonkey's Sock Wars, but I kept knitting the Rib of Doom thinking, "This looks really, really familiar."

As it turns out, it's one of the six-stitch patterns, Twin Rib, in SKS.

I made mine with Rowan Cashsoft Baby DK in Blue Boy. I finally got gauge with US7s. They are very loose, but I think they'll fit my victim. (They're not really two different sizes. I think it was the camera angle my husband was shooting from.)

It's been a fun game, and I think these are the fastest socks I've ever knit. I'm not dead yet (to quote Monty Python) but my doom should get to me this next week.



Susan said...

Very nice. I am really drawn to solid color socks, but have yet to knit any (sockweight yarn). Gotta get me some solid sock weight yarn.

blue duck said...

Glad to see that sock, I have knit it and it is quickly completed. I am on this comment sheet under false pretenses. I would like very, very, very much to join this ongoing group no matter how long it goes. I really love these socks. Is there a possiblity?

Thanks Alison for the consideration


Ginny said...

Thanks, Susan and Deb!

I'm moving to solid color yarns more because some of the variegated yarns I've used haven't show the stitch patterns very well. And I'd really like to try some lacy socks next.