Friday, March 31, 2006

The hostess finally finishes a pair!

Yes, I am the hostess, and yes, this is only my second pair from the book. Here they are:

You can click on the picture to see them larger. They are the Caesar's Checks done in Knitpicks Essential and one of the Sock Landscape colorways. They fit perfectly and are much too warm for the wonderful weather we are having today.

Bluebell Rib

I loved this yarn so much when it arrived in the mail yesterday that I couldn't wait to swatch it. Somehow the swatch turned into a cuff and the beginning of a heel flap. This is the Bluebell Rib, and I'm doing an Eye of Partridge heel. I'm planning on a Princess Foot(smooth side in). Gauge is 8 sts/inch, 66 sts casted on. I'm using some hand dyed yarn purchased on Etsy from Laura (SugarBunnyBlvd).

*** sheesh, that biasing is something else isn't it?

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Baby Socks

I have been knitting baby socks all week. 2 of the 8 pr I've knit I used patterns from the book. The blue (Lion Brand) is the Garter Rib, the pink (also Lion Brand) is Waffle Rib. These are a fast and fun way to try out the patterns.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Laburnum is growing

She's growing as would an infant.....slowly...but the fraction of inches....

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My first short row heel....tho second nature to most seasoned sock knitters out here...hehheh...

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Chevron socks

Here's the Chevron socks (page 73) I made for my dad's Christmas gift. This was knit on my usual bamboo double points, in Froehlich Blaudband Maxi Ringel, color 7709, which is grey, blue, red and navy. I ran out of yarn near the toe so raided my stash of sock yarn inherited from my Grandma (my Dad's mom) and found some grey 100% nylon that matched quite well, so we have solid toes on these socks. I did buy a third skein from Carodan Farm, which ended up being a very different dye lot (grey was almost light blue) but I managed by only using the third skein for sections of navy, red and blue. And here's a photo of my dad with his socks!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Twin Rib (you'll have to look close to see it)

Hello, my name is Trish, and I've started on a Twin Rib (6 stitch repeat chapter) from SKS in Sockotta, which is an Italian 45% Cotton/40% wool/15% nylon combo. The color obscures the texture a bit, but give a nice ragg effect. I'm doing my first Magic Loop sock, too. I usually stick to bamboo DP needles.

I've knit (and finished!!) two other patterns from SKS, which I'll post about another time, since they aren't so current.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Stansfield #10

Stansfield #10
Cherry Tree Hill Potluck
66 stitches on size 1 dpn

This is such a nice pattern. Combined with this yarn it is making a wonderful fabric. It is so yummy!!

This picture really doesn't do the yarn justice. The yellow is bright and so is the orange and what looks burgandy is really a very nice shade of purple. It reminds of Fall Foliage in their regular sock yarn collection.

I can't wait to finish both socks and wear them.


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Laburnum progress, colors and textures..

Here is the progress on the laburnum after all the distractions. I had been stuck at the short row heels, googled for more instructions and got back to it. There are quite a # of different short row versions out there. Can't say more until i have it on my feet to see and feel the fit.

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I've been using the book for this KAL quite a little bit for the stitch patterns....

On days when i dun feel like knitting, dun feel like spinning, dun feel like plying, but am wanting some color therapy, i take out my orphan skeins of my handdyed and knit swatches with it. Partly to feel what the yarn is like when knitted up, partly to see how the colors come together, partly because it feels right to be doing that at that time. Not that anything functional/wearable will come out of it, but simply for the love of colors and texture.

I do not have the time to knit with all of my handdyed (and i can dye and dry them faster than i can list them on etsy...story for another time....), but i do like their feel and colors...hehe....and...once in a while, i feel compelled to sample them.

This is fingering weight superwash wool in "Rosa" . I'm getting better at naming colorways thesedays...(everything from strawberry fudge to cabbage....hehheh) but that doesn't seem to spill over to posting titles*G* It is knitted up in the Alternating 2x2 rib(pg38), a four-stitch pattern.

2x2 rib_1 Posted by Picasa

One friend from the LYS called it the twisted cable :)

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It is knitted on US#2 (the cuff too), total of 48 sts.

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These are "Cabbage", "(unnamed)", "Lettuce" and a tinnee bit of Rosa (left to right)in "Openwork Rib"(pg37).

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That's all i have to share for today....until Laburnum grows....