Thursday, March 09, 2006

Laburnum progress, colors and textures..

Here is the progress on the laburnum after all the distractions. I had been stuck at the short row heels, googled for more instructions and got back to it. There are quite a # of different short row versions out there. Can't say more until i have it on my feet to see and feel the fit.

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I've been using the book for this KAL quite a little bit for the stitch patterns....

On days when i dun feel like knitting, dun feel like spinning, dun feel like plying, but am wanting some color therapy, i take out my orphan skeins of my handdyed and knit swatches with it. Partly to feel what the yarn is like when knitted up, partly to see how the colors come together, partly because it feels right to be doing that at that time. Not that anything functional/wearable will come out of it, but simply for the love of colors and texture.

I do not have the time to knit with all of my handdyed (and i can dye and dry them faster than i can list them on etsy...story for another time....), but i do like their feel and colors...hehe....and...once in a while, i feel compelled to sample them.

This is fingering weight superwash wool in "Rosa" . I'm getting better at naming colorways thesedays...(everything from strawberry fudge to cabbage....hehheh) but that doesn't seem to spill over to posting titles*G* It is knitted up in the Alternating 2x2 rib(pg38), a four-stitch pattern.

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One friend from the LYS called it the twisted cable :)

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It is knitted on US#2 (the cuff too), total of 48 sts.

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These are "Cabbage", "(unnamed)", "Lettuce" and a tinnee bit of Rosa (left to right)in "Openwork Rib"(pg37).

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That's all i have to share for today....until Laburnum grows....


Alison said...

Great textures and colors!

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Wonderful yarn! I enjoyed seeing your yarn