Friday, March 31, 2006

Bluebell Rib

I loved this yarn so much when it arrived in the mail yesterday that I couldn't wait to swatch it. Somehow the swatch turned into a cuff and the beginning of a heel flap. This is the Bluebell Rib, and I'm doing an Eye of Partridge heel. I'm planning on a Princess Foot(smooth side in). Gauge is 8 sts/inch, 66 sts casted on. I'm using some hand dyed yarn purchased on Etsy from Laura (SugarBunnyBlvd).

*** sheesh, that biasing is something else isn't it?


Alyssa said...

Lovely! I had just been looking for a picture of this pattern. It's a really neat rib.

Karen said...

That looks like wonderful yarn... love the colors and the pattern really shows up well.