Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Twin Rib (you'll have to look close to see it)

Hello, my name is Trish, and I've started on a Twin Rib (6 stitch repeat chapter) from SKS in Sockotta, which is an Italian 45% Cotton/40% wool/15% nylon combo. The color obscures the texture a bit, but give a nice ragg effect. I'm doing my first Magic Loop sock, too. I usually stick to bamboo DP needles.

I've knit (and finished!!) two other patterns from SKS, which I'll post about another time, since they aren't so current.


Karen said...

Welcome! Your sock looks great. I've never done the magic loop, I'm very much a DPN sock knitter. Can't wait to see your other socks.


Pugknits said...

can't wait to see your other socks! :)

me said...

loving your sock. I, too, am a dpn sock knitter, haven't done magic loop, but am willing to give it and 2 circs a go...but may still be a loyal dpn sock knitter...who knows?!
Can't wait to see your other socks :0)