Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Self-striping madness

We have some help over here lately which enabled us to make some self-strping sock yarn. This is one side of the superwash Zebrato. It knits up really quick,.. if i keep working at it during all free time (when the hands are not doing anything else, like driving :D).It is a 2x2 rib st.

SW Zebrato II Posted by Picasa

This is one side of the non-superwash one in plain stokinette.

Zebrato II Posted by Picasa

I dun know why i love stripes, but i do and it was wonderful the way the stripes turn out. Happy Socknitting!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Waterfall Rib Sock and Hostess Notes

This is my latest pair from SKS:

Made with Trekking 106 on size 0s using the Waterfall Rib pattern on page 48. I love these socks. The pattern is very stretchy and comfortable.

Now for the hostess notes. I'm sorry for neglecting the blog lately, but sick dogs and sick kids sort of got in the way the past couple of weeks. I've now added a few overdue names to the sidebar. Please check and make sure I didn't mix up your links and that I spelled your name correctly and that I actually did put your name there. (Just drop me a note if I got something wrong.) Welcome to all the new members and I'll try to be better!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Twin Ribs Finished

At long last (at least it seems that way, I did start these socks in March, but have done some other projects in the interim), I have finished the second Twin Rib sock I'm making for my Mom in Sockotta (by Plymouth, which is 45% Cotton, 40% Superwash Wool, 15% Nylon.) This is colorway #8, a tweedy mix of blues and white. I made the 66 stitch sock which I'm hoping will fit my Mom's size 8 feet--they are a bit snug on my size 9's, so I think the fit will work. Here's a closeup of the Twin Rib texture.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Oriel progress

Oriel toe up sock
Oriel - foot finished just the calf to go

More photos can be seen on my blog.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My Husband Thinks They're Ugly

But that's OK, because they aren't for him anyway.

The first is the Openwork Rib pattern from SKS, but I did it toe-up on 56 stitches with this sock form. It's in Claudia's Handpainted Chocolate Cherry yarn. The color is so bright, it's hard to see the pattern, but it was so easy to memorize and it looks really cool stretched out on the foot.

I really need to block these socks, but I'm afraid I'll mess them up. Does anyone have any tips for a first time blocker? I was going to try to make these homemade blockers and do it tonight.

The second is an Exile on Lonely Sock Island, because the garter stitch in the round on 4 dpns was a real drag. I'm dreading it. But I do love the Welt Fantastic pattern and I love the Heirloom Jigsaw yarn.

I really wanted to keep these for myself, but they're too small. So I'm going to gift them to someone with a smaller foot. Again, these also need to be blocked.

Has anyone else who has made one of the chevron-style socks had their forethought heel come out incredibly pointy? It looks fine on the foot, but I'm embarrassed to take a picture of it laying flat because it looks nipply. Any thoughts out there on that?

Happy socking!

Saturday, June 17, 2006


My Knitting World Cup project is Oriel from Sensational Knitted Socks .

Oriel toe up sock

Susoolu taught me the Turkish Cast On & has been very supportive in my many attempts. I have now got the hang of reading the chart & am moving along nicely with it. My one concern is the heel but I'll deal with that when I get there....

btw - the 3rd stitch marker was caught on my life line so is hanging there until I've finished this repeat of the pattern which won't be for long.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Chevron Socks

Just a little progress photo....I'm using Lana Grossa Meilenweit Colortweed, and let me tell you, it's not colorfast. It's rubbing off on my fingers something fierce, especially the dark pine green section. These will need some soaking in the vinegar when they're finished. This is my first attempt at an afterthought heel. I had no idea what I was doing but just did what the pattern said and it worked (imagine that!). I think I still like heel flaps the best but I still need to give short row heels another chance before I decide. These are being knit to trade for another set of hand-forged bronze dpn's...(you can see my current set in the photo).

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

New member and Garter Rib Socks

Hi everyone! I'm a new member to the KAL, thanks so much for having me. I've just completed my first pair of socks from the book. I knitted the Garter Rib pattern in toddler size. They were done with Wool of the Andes, US#5 Addi circulars, 1s2c method. These will go to Children in Common for charity. I've really enjoyed the book so far. I like knitting up the patterns in worsted weight, toddler size first -- gives me a great idea of how they will look. It's fast and some child will have warm toes!

WhimsyKnits <-- my knitting blog

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Cotton double moss

I finished these a while ago, but finally got batteries for my camera. The yarn was 75% cotton, 25% nylon, but it is behaving like 100% cotton. In other words, it stretches out and then stays that way! Good thing I don't mind them slouchy. I think I will stick to the yarns that are cotton and WOOL and nylon or poly. I think I don't have any more of the mixture I used here anyway.

AJ in AZ Posted by Picasa
Here's the set of Twin Ribs I just finished for my DH. He only wants dull dull colors. The yarn is Plymouth Sockotta, and I ribbed the instep because he likes them snug there.

Monday, June 12, 2006

My first SKS sock

Well here it is, the first sock I've made from the SKS book. It's nothing fancy, just the class sock. What's exciting about it for me is the fact that I knit it using a new technique for me! I made it using 2 circular needles. Previously, I've only made socks using either 4 or 5 dpns. What a change to use 2 circulars. I didn't have to worry about the dpn slipping out onto the floor!!!! It also seemed to go along much faster. I made the sock using some leftover sock yarn on size 2 needles. It's the perfect size for an infant, but won't be of much use unless I decide to knit another so that it'll be a pair. I'll have to add doing that to the project list. Right now, I've started a sock on 2 circulars following the pattern for baby cable rib. If only I had more time to knit though! Lately, life has been so busy between work and the kids that when I finally do have the time to sit down in the evening, I find myself falling asleep.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Twin Rib first sock done

Well, after several months of on-again-off-again knitting on the Twin Rib sock for my mom, I have the first sock done. This was my first Magic Loop sock, and I wasn't brave enough to do two at a time. So the second sock has been cast on and started. The yarn is Plymouth Sockotta, a Cotton/Wool/Nylon blend that is machine washable. I hear that it softens up after washing, which is a 'good thing' since it feels string-like right now.

Also, I've fiddled around with PaintShop Pro and made a knit along button for us, since Alison asked.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Green Garter Ribs finished in record time!

Hi folks

I'm so happy because I finished my second-ever pair of socks, SKS Garter Ribs in Regia 6 ply Crazy Colors Jungle.

The first pair (Nordic Garter Ribs, shown below) took about 5-6 weeks to complete, but these were finished in about 10 days!

Unlike the Nordic socks, which were over-sized, these fit my teenage son perfectly. I knit these socks on 72 sts and 3mm needles, switching to 2.75mm needles for the heel flap.

Now I just need to decide what to make next ...

Happy socking, everyone!

Rachel :-)

Monday, June 05, 2006

Baby Cables and Bless Her Cotton Socks

Hi Sensational Knitters,

I continue to love this book! I finished my Baby Cable socks a couple weeks ago and forgot to post the completed pictures. I knit these by using the 2 Circs 2 Socks method so the cuffs are exactly the same size as is the length. However, I'm not sure I really enjoyed messing with the two strands of yarn so I may go back to one sock at a time.

This might be my last pair of WOOL socks for the summer. With the warm weather upon us, knitting with cotton seems more appealing PLUS I always want immediate gratification by wearing my project that very day of completion..LOL

I set up a summer cotton sock swap called BLESS HER COTTON SOCKS to motivate me to knit from my cotton stash. If any of you are interested in participating just click on the link and it will direct you to the site.

Off to decide which pattern I will knit next from our fabulous book....