Monday, June 12, 2006

My first SKS sock

Well here it is, the first sock I've made from the SKS book. It's nothing fancy, just the class sock. What's exciting about it for me is the fact that I knit it using a new technique for me! I made it using 2 circular needles. Previously, I've only made socks using either 4 or 5 dpns. What a change to use 2 circulars. I didn't have to worry about the dpn slipping out onto the floor!!!! It also seemed to go along much faster. I made the sock using some leftover sock yarn on size 2 needles. It's the perfect size for an infant, but won't be of much use unless I decide to knit another so that it'll be a pair. I'll have to add doing that to the project list. Right now, I've started a sock on 2 circulars following the pattern for baby cable rib. If only I had more time to knit though! Lately, life has been so busy between work and the kids that when I finally do have the time to sit down in the evening, I find myself falling asleep.


RachelL said...

That's a beautiful sock! I love the colours. What yarn did you use, please?

Pugknits said...

cute socks! :) will it have a mate?

Sue C said...

I had bought the yarn from Knitpicks. I went to their site to see what the name was and I think it must have been discontinued as I couldn't find it their anymore. I think eventually I'll make the mate for it because then I can use give it to someone sometime, but I have too many other socks I want to knit first.