Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My Husband Thinks They're Ugly

But that's OK, because they aren't for him anyway.

The first is the Openwork Rib pattern from SKS, but I did it toe-up on 56 stitches with this sock form. It's in Claudia's Handpainted Chocolate Cherry yarn. The color is so bright, it's hard to see the pattern, but it was so easy to memorize and it looks really cool stretched out on the foot.

I really need to block these socks, but I'm afraid I'll mess them up. Does anyone have any tips for a first time blocker? I was going to try to make these homemade blockers and do it tonight.

The second is an Exile on Lonely Sock Island, because the garter stitch in the round on 4 dpns was a real drag. I'm dreading it. But I do love the Welt Fantastic pattern and I love the Heirloom Jigsaw yarn.

I really wanted to keep these for myself, but they're too small. So I'm going to gift them to someone with a smaller foot. Again, these also need to be blocked.

Has anyone else who has made one of the chevron-style socks had their forethought heel come out incredibly pointy? It looks fine on the foot, but I'm embarrassed to take a picture of it laying flat because it looks nipply. Any thoughts out there on that?

Happy socking!


Alison said...

Hey Ginny,

First of all, I like the socks your DH thinks are ugly. But I really like any and all handmade socks:)

Secondly, yes, I had the same problem with the forethought heel on the Chevron socks. You can see how I fixed the problem this entry

Ginny said...

Thanks for the tip on the heel, Alison! I'll definitely try that on the second one.

And the good news is the intended recipient of the first pair saw them posted up on the blog, and is now begging for them!

laughingrat said...

Ugly, my eye. Those are great socks!

GramaJan13x said...

I also love your socks. I just looked at that sweater again & it isn't done bottom up. Oh, well it was a nice though though.

GramaJan13x said...

wow, it says that I posted the last message @ 3:13 p.m. here in WI it is 5:10 p.m.
Always Jan