Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Waffle socks

I've been a slow sock knitter lately, but just finished my first pair from SKS. I used Socks that Rock in the "Pebble Beach" colorway for this pair, knit on two size 0 circulars with 72 stitches.

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I used the waffle stitch pattern from page 38 in the book. Here's what it looks like closeup.

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Thought I'd also show what I did to improve the usefuless of this book.

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Yup, my copy is now spiral bound. I took it to Kinko's and they converted it for $5. As much as I think I'll used this volume, I think it's worth the cost!

Hostess Notes

No, nobody's done anything wrong. Well, me. This is just a friendly reminder that I am human. I've tried to put all names and blog links if you have one up on the sidebar, but if I've forgotten you or if your info has changed (i.e., started a blog of your own), please drop an email to the addy in the sidebar. I know I have forgotten somebody because there are twenty-two names on the sidebar and there are twenty-three addresses on the invitation list (that's after I left myself out). So, please help me out here and forgive me for not putting you on the list.

And if any of you are blog button savvy, feel free to create and post a button and I'll put them into the sidebar.

As for me, I've been hooked on self-striping stockinette socks lately, but as soon as I finish the pair I'm currently working on, I'll be doing something from SKS with some pastel Trekking. I was thinking either the Waterfall Rib on page 48 or Lace Rib from page 43. I hope to have them started by the weekend. (Though with two new spindles coming tomorrow, that may not happen.)

Happy Sock Knitting!

FO: Nordic Garter Rib Socks

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for all your nice comments, I thought you'd like to see the socks I finished over the weekend.

I am pleased with them but I must admit they have turned out rather large. I was over-generous estimating the size. So my bf is proudly wearing them but they are very baggy.

My teenage son, who has smaller feet, was so disgruntled that the socks turned out not to be for him, that I have had to start an almost identical pair of socks to fit him.

The new socks are a size smaller, on 72 sts instead of 80, but otherwise I'm using the same garter rib pattern. The yarn is Regia self striping Crazy Colors again, but this time in green.

I think on the green pair I will also switch to a smaller needle size when I do the heel flap, as it is definitely oversized on the red&blue pair shown here.

More photos to come!

Happy sock knitting everyone


Purled Ladder, Openwork Rib, Etc., Etc.

There are so many great stitch patterns in this book, it's hard to know where to start!

I just wanted to introduce myself as a new member and say hey. My name is Ginny, and I'm a sock addict. I've finished two pairs now and have two more pairs on the (double-pointed) needles. I have to admit, three of the four pairs are actually toe-up from this pattern, but I've used the stitch patterns from SKS.

There are the Purled Ladder Patons Classic Wool socks for hubby:

There are the Elongated Corded Rib "Happy Feet" Lorna's Laces Rainbow socks for my stepmom:

There are the Openwork Rib "Chocolate Covered Cherry" socks for my sister (one done, one to go):

And there are the Welt Fantastic striped socks for ME (unless they turn out too small): (Picture upcoming.)

The chevron socks are the first that I have attempted top-down, with my first provisional cast-on and first Kitchener stitch (at the heel). Love the provisional cast-on, hated the Kitchener stitch. I'm going to get the lovely ladies at my LYS to help me when it comes to grafting the toe closed.

I'm also terribly afraid they are going to be too small for my size 10-wider-after-pregnancy foot. Which would serve me right for not checking my gauge before I started with this yarn. Ah well. The self-striping yarn is quite addictive. It's hard not to squeeze in a couple more rows before bed to see the next stripe start.

Happy socking!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hi from a new member

Hi everyone

This is my first attempt at posting to a blog, so please forgive me if I get it wrong.

I'm a keen British knitter, new to socks and having a lovely time making my very first pair from SKS.

I'm making the garter rib socks (does everyone start with those?!) in Regia Crazy Colors Nordic. I'll try to attach a picture to this message.

Great to meet everyone, and so nice to have some company on my adventures in socking! Looking forward to getting to know you all.


Sunday, May 21, 2006

Garter Border Heel

Hi Sensational Knitters!

Have any of you tryed this garter border heel yet? I'm knitting it right now on my Baby Cables Sock and this is a first for me. I was wondering how it wears. I've never seen it on any other socks before.


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Baby Cables Progress Picture

I love this book! Out of all the "sock books" I have, this one is simply the best! In fact, I am going to use it next month to teach five friends to knit socks. I think I will use the sample class sock to teach them.

Here is a progress picture of my "Baby Cable" socks. I'm knitting them on Addi Turbo's 2.5mm using Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn. Love the yarn and the pattern. When finished, these will be the first item in my Christmas Gift Box. I have decided to go ahead and start on Christmas gifts so that I'm not swamped in November and December. There were numerous gifts that never got finished last season (grimace) and I don't want to make that mistake this year!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Baby Cables

I finished a pair of the Baby Cables. I knit these in Austermann Step. I chose not to carry the pattern down onto the foot because the yarn splits so bad and I was tired of fighting with it. I do like the look of the sock and the feel of the yarn going through your hands while knitting, but doubt that I will buy it again.
I am still working on the 4 Stitch Reticulated pattern. They have been put on the back burner while I finish up some UFO's that have been put off for way too long. Hopefully I will get back to them soon.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Double moss are finished!

ANd I am wearing them! The Fortissima Cotton Colori is supremely cool and comfortable, since there is only cotton and nylon(?) in it, no wool, but I can already tell that they are going to be pretty saggy. Luckily I don't care too much about that. I have other summer sock yarns but all have some wool content. So I will have to see how different they are to wear.
I am starting a 6-stitch rib pair for DH and haven't decided on the leg pattern yet, since I am still working on the ribbing, 2 socks on 2 circs. THen I will do a Chevron pattern for myself. Soon, honest.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Another Garter Rib

The Garter Rib in 'Silver Forest' is done! One side was knitted using DPNs, another was started on DPNs, then switched over to a 40" circular. This is knitted toe-up, short row heel on 60% of sts, slightly fluted bind off using needles 2 size larger for ease.

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Monday, May 01, 2006

New to the blog into

Hi, My name is Sue C and I live in Connecticut. I started knitting socks about a year ago. I had been teaching my neighbor how to knit and she wanted the challenge of learning to knit socks and use dp needles. I had never done either and said "let's go for it!" The first sock I knit was from the label of Magic Stripes yarn and gave the socks to my oldest daughter. She loves them. Since then, I have knit several different socks. I got this SKS book just before the holidays, but haven't knit any of the socks as yet. I just keep drooling over the various patterns and choices. I have pictures, but need to get DSL to upload them as it takes forever to upload on dial-up. My hubby said the phone company called yesterday and left a message that DSL is now available in our area so I'll be checking out the pricing of it this week!!!! I would love to know what is everyones favorite method of knitting socks? toe up or cuff down and with what needles, dpn or circular? Looking forward to being a member of this blog group! Once I get DSL, I'll hopefully create a blog of my own and I'll post pics of the socks I've knitted. Happy Knitting!