Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hostess Notes

No, nobody's done anything wrong. Well, me. This is just a friendly reminder that I am human. I've tried to put all names and blog links if you have one up on the sidebar, but if I've forgotten you or if your info has changed (i.e., started a blog of your own), please drop an email to the addy in the sidebar. I know I have forgotten somebody because there are twenty-two names on the sidebar and there are twenty-three addresses on the invitation list (that's after I left myself out). So, please help me out here and forgive me for not putting you on the list.

And if any of you are blog button savvy, feel free to create and post a button and I'll put them into the sidebar.

As for me, I've been hooked on self-striping stockinette socks lately, but as soon as I finish the pair I'm currently working on, I'll be doing something from SKS with some pastel Trekking. I was thinking either the Waterfall Rib on page 48 or Lace Rib from page 43. I hope to have them started by the weekend. (Though with two new spindles coming tomorrow, that may not happen.)

Happy Sock Knitting!

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