Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Baby Cables

I finished a pair of the Baby Cables. I knit these in Austermann Step. I chose not to carry the pattern down onto the foot because the yarn splits so bad and I was tired of fighting with it. I do like the look of the sock and the feel of the yarn going through your hands while knitting, but doubt that I will buy it again.
I am still working on the 4 Stitch Reticulated pattern. They have been put on the back burner while I finish up some UFO's that have been put off for way too long. Hopefully I will get back to them soon.


Rebecca said...

So pretty! I'm working on the same sock using Mtn. Colors Bearfoot.

Alison said...

Really nice!

Sue C said...

They came out great!

laughingrat said...

They turned out great! Also, that yarn is really striking.