Monday, May 01, 2006

New to the blog into

Hi, My name is Sue C and I live in Connecticut. I started knitting socks about a year ago. I had been teaching my neighbor how to knit and she wanted the challenge of learning to knit socks and use dp needles. I had never done either and said "let's go for it!" The first sock I knit was from the label of Magic Stripes yarn and gave the socks to my oldest daughter. She loves them. Since then, I have knit several different socks. I got this SKS book just before the holidays, but haven't knit any of the socks as yet. I just keep drooling over the various patterns and choices. I have pictures, but need to get DSL to upload them as it takes forever to upload on dial-up. My hubby said the phone company called yesterday and left a message that DSL is now available in our area so I'll be checking out the pricing of it this week!!!! I would love to know what is everyones favorite method of knitting socks? toe up or cuff down and with what needles, dpn or circular? Looking forward to being a member of this blog group! Once I get DSL, I'll hopefully create a blog of my own and I'll post pics of the socks I've knitted. Happy Knitting!


Karen said...

Hi! and welcome. I love knitting my socks on bamboo dpn's (Crystal Palace) and I knit them cuff down. I've been at it for a little over a year too and I'm very addicted. No intervention needed.

Kyrthira Phelan said...

I started off top-down with some clover takumi dpns. Iv'e since progressed to toe-up short rows, still with my Clover Bamboo DPNs (eventually I'll be replacing them with Brittany Birch needles), although I do have a pair of #3 24" Addi Turbo circs that I use for some of my sport-weight yarn.