Saturday, December 02, 2006

blog button

Can anyone tell me how to take the SKS blog button from the sidebar and put it on my personal blog to be able to link back here? I'm new at this and tried to do a search to find out how to do this, but apparently I'm searching with the wrong wording. Much appreciated! Thanks, SueC


blueadt said...

You need to save the image as an image (I use jpg) & upload it onto a server. Some people use Blogger but I'm lucky enough to be able to use space owned by my DH. Then insert it into your template with the following code:

[a href="" target="_blank" title="Sensational Knitted Socks KAL"][img src="name of your uploaded image" width="102" height"77" alt="Sensational Knitted Socks KAL" title="Sensational Knitted Socks KAL"][/a]

The mark up tags ('greater than' & 'less than' symbols) have been changed to square brackets as blogger wouldn't accept them in this comment - you'll need to change them back to get it to work.

Have fun!

blueadt said...

Forgot to mention that you've then got to insert it in the side bar of your template. I always copy & paste my template into notepad before I do any changes in case I mess it up.

I hope I've been able to help.