Thursday, January 12, 2006

Baby Cable Rib

I started these out following the instructions on page 34 (Honey Merino Style for knitpicks, CO 48 sts). After numerous reknits for various reasons, I decided to leave off the plain rib at the knit. I'm fairly short and thought it wouldn't look that good. I'm ready to turn the heel.
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Alison said...

Great start! I like the color.

Karen said...

That color is lovely!! I will have to knit that pattern soon.

Glinda said...

I love that pattern!

Kyrthira Phelan said...

Oh, the pattern looks so pretty! And it's in a nice light color, so we can see the stitches. I've been pondering that pattern as well.

Merino Style isn't superwash, so be prepared for the bottoms of your socks (and particularly the toes and heels) to felt if you wear them a lot.