Friday, January 13, 2006

Different Pattern for Fortissima

Well, I got about 4" of the Chevron pattern done and hated it in the Fortissima. So I ripped it and did it in the Textured Rib instead. I've started the second sock and hope to be wearing them by the end of the week. The pattern doesn't show in the picture but it is quite nice and very stretchy.

I also started Fan Lace in some Cherry Tree Hill yarn I got for Christmas. It's a potluck color that looks to be a cross between Spring Frost and Sarengeti. It's very lovely too. I will post a picture of that one when I'm further along. I have so many socks on the needles right now, I really must finish them before I start more. Right?



Kyrthira Phelan said...

You can never have too many projects on the sticks. I have about six right now.

.. And I'm totally getting addicted to knitting socks, so the KAL should be seeing quite a few socks from me :)

Alison said...

I have tons of projects on the needles, including two pair of socks. I love the striping on your socks.