Saturday, October 21, 2006

How Fantastic!

Thanks Charlene for responding to my question so quickly! I'm now knitting down the foot, looking forward to the toe. But I have another question. In the next section, on page 36, under Toe Shaping, it says Knit to marker. According to the section above, the markers were no longer needed, and I removed them. So do I need to place another marker somewhere? Sorry I keep asking all these questions. As I'm sure everyone has noticed, I am a brand new sock knitter and sometimes need things spelled out before I grasp the concept! Can't wait to post a pic of my finished sock!

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Anonymous said...


Sorry, the instruction "knit to the marker" is redundant - and should be crossed out.

Here is the Errata page on the publisher's website, be sure to check before you start another sock.