Thursday, October 19, 2006

New & Needing Help!

Hi! I'm brand new to this KAL, and am so impressed with the socks I am seeing! I am presently working on my first sock ever, using the garter rib pattern. Things have been going fairly well until tonight. I am using 2 circulars. I am to the Foot point on page 36 where she tells me to rearrange stitches so that instep stitches are on needle 1 and sole stitches are on needle 2. How is this done? My working yarn is in the middle of my sole stitches at this point! Help!

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Anonymous said...


Knit the rest of the sole stitchs with the needle that has half the instep and the rest of the sole sts. So now you have most of the sock sts on one circular.

STOP, then use the other needle (the one that only has half the instep sts) and slip as if to purl without working them, the rest of the instep sts from the first needle - you now have the sts divided - instep and sole.