Thursday, September 06, 2007

ecr's on the elephant trail

elongated corded rib in schaefer anne

From book #1, these are elongated corded rib. This 4-stitch pattern knits up to a lovely scrunchy fabric. The Schaefer Anne is soft, and compared to the book photo, the rib took on a completely different definition (she used Gems Opal). I'm very happy with this pair.

Pattern: elongated corded rib
Yarn: Schaefer Anne
Needles: silvalume size 1 dpns


Linda said...

They are lovely! Nice colorway as well as cushy pattern. Nice job.

tiennie said...

Those came out so nicely! Great job!

AJ in AZ said...

What is the color name for the Schaefer Anne? That looks like a color my DH might even like!

Opal said...

those are just beautiful. i adore that yarn!

broadcasting from a knitting parlour said...

Thanks gang...

aj - I don't know the name of the yarn. Schaefer Anne is a handpainted very-small-dye-lot brand. I bought from (no affiliation yada yada).