Thursday, January 03, 2008

Owl walking socks

It is my MIL's 60th birthday on the 24th & she's a keen walker so I've cast on a pair for her using this from my stash continuing with my socks from stash pledge & the bedsocks for myself are on hold:

Opal Rainforest Owl 6ply
Opal Rainforest Owl 6ply

They're are progressing nicely & this morning looked like this:

socks two at once
Start of owl walking socks

The pattern is simple but looks quite effective:

Broad Spiral Ribbing pattern
Broad Spiral Ribbing pattern

I searched for a pattern that wouldn't clash with the stripes & think I've found it.


g-girl said...

they look great! love the color. just might need to try that pattern with some of my own stash!

Amy said...

Those look so nice. I made the same pattern with some stripy yarn I had a while ago, and it worked out very well. I like that light, earthy colorway too.

Mimi said...

I'd like to join, but everytime I type in it takes me back to your page. I don't know how to join. Can you help. I'd like to be listed as Deb in Little Rock.