Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ribbed Lace, Chain Rib and Elongated Corded RibSocks

Greetings from Atlanta! I joined this KAL several weeks ago, but I am only now posting pictures of my SKS socks.

First, here are the Ribbed Lace Socks in Trekking XXL (Colorway 100). I knit these one at a time on 2 circulars (2.00 mm Addi Turbo).

Here is one of the Chain Link Socks that I knit for my DH in early March 2006. I used the Cedar colorway in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock on 2.50 mm Addi Turbo circulars.

I did not enjoy knitting the pattern that came with my Rockin' Sock Club kit in July, so I used the Elongated Corded Rib pattern with the STR Peaseblossom colorway on 2.50 mm Addi Turbo circulars. The pooling is a bit weird, but that's what you get with handpainted yarns. I love them anyway!

I really do love the SKS book, and I am now working on another pair of SKS socks for my DSIL's birthday in December.

Happy Knitting!

Deb in Atlanta


Emma said...

Oooh, such pretty socks! I especially love the chain link socks.

Sue C said...

Nice job on all 3 though I think the chain link socks are my favorite too.

Carrie said...

Oooh, I love the chain link socks, and the color too!

Deb in Atlanta said...

Thanks so much for the compliments. As I was knitting the chain link socks for DH, I kept thinking that I wanted to keep them for myself! I guess I need to buy more yarn. :o)

AJ in AZ said...

THe Ribbed Lace are my favorites. I love lace and that one looks like it would stay up well and maybe be not too hard to knit.
I always NOW do 2 socks at once on 2 circs, since I have so many single socks that I will never get around to knitting a mate for. Learned my lesson.

Opal said...

Your socks are just awesome! I do like the Elongated Rib socks. Even if there is a bit of color pooling going on, I think those are my favorite.