Monday, February 05, 2007

First efforts

I'm excited to have discovered this book and this KAL. I bought the book in January, after devouring the library's copy.

My first pair are the green Corded Rib socks, which I made in Gjestal Silja Sockegarn using size 4 Inox circular needles. The knitting experience was good--the fit not good. (Apparently I was measurement impaired and thought my 8.5" foot was 9.25" around.) They're warm and great for around the house, but a bit baggy. If I were to make these again I would--obviously--measure correctly, and probably go down a needle size for a less-drapey fabric. (Being nearly a sock novice, I just went with the recommended needle size for this sport-weight yarn.)

I am MUCH happier with the blue socks, pictured here nearly ready to be kitchenered. I am making these with KnitPicks Essential Solid in Dusk using size 2 KnitPicks options circulars. I also learned how to make TWO socks on two circulars--what a blast! These fit like a dream and the color is perfect for wearing with jeans.

Next up? probably the slipstitch rib, or maybe I'll up my learning curve and try the chevron?

Addendum: If you'd like to know more about the technique, see my blog.


Alison said...

Great socks, both pair. The chevron really isn't as hard as it looks. It really does make for a beautiful sock.

Beverly said...

Congrats on both pairs. A good rule of thumb to use is to choose needles that are 2-3 sizes smaller than the suggested needle size.

Good luck with your future socks.

Lia said...

Both pair of socks are beautiful! I second the opinion on the chevron - it is very easy to execute and memorize and produces a very nice sock.

I have found that even with superwash sock yarn, after I wear a pair of socks a few times, and a couple of trips through the washer and dryer, they fit better.

Ginny said...

These are both beautiful socks, and I second Lia's suggestion about running the superwash through the washer/dryer.

I knit a pair of socks that quickly got baggy, but going through the wash made them a little more comfy.