Thursday, April 13, 2006

4-Stitch Ribbing section

Here are a couple of patterns I have already tried. The top is double moss on 2 sz 1 US bamboo circs, Fortissima Cotton Colori. I have cast on the second sock and then got sidetracked. The story of my life.
The bottom socks are DH's, and they are garter rib, 2 sz 1.5 US metal circs, standard wool sock yarn that I can't remember, with heels and toes of Knit Picks Essentials. The insteps of both are in K1P1 ribbing, as we both like our socks to fit snugly on the foot. I also have another pair on needles for myself that are crossover rib from the same sectio. They have been so much fun that I haven't been motivated to advance into the book.
Buuuttt, seeing pictures on this KAL of the socks the REST of you are knitting is truly inspiring! As soon as I finish the first one of my Vintage Socks KAL, I am going to try a more difficult pattern for this KAL. Wish me luck! I have been knitting socks for several years but haven't ever really tried anything past easy until recently. And now, as usual, I am going overboard.

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