Thursday, April 06, 2006

May i ...

ask questions, please?

What is it about heel flaps construction that irks sockknitters who do not like them?

When doing short row heels, do you work the heel on 50% or 60% of the total sts? I did mine at 50% and it looks unusually shallow but doesn't feel too bad on the feet.

Thank you in advance.

On the socks front, one side is done..

one side down Posted by Picasa


Nita said...

I am a rank beginner at socks, having only done 3 pairs. The first had a flap heel and I hated the heavy slab look it gave the sock. I switched to short-row heels, making innumerable practice ones to figure out how to do them without holes or wraps, and like the smooth look so much better.

I've never worn out a pair of socks in my life, so don't worry about extra thick heels.

Nita said...

Forgot to say, I do 60% of the stitches for the heel and the fit is better than my test heels done at 50%.