Sunday, July 02, 2006

Advice needed

I've started the Chevron pattern for self-striping socks and need to do the heel. This is my first experience using a provisional caston. I made the inplace afterthought heel, but had an awful time releasing the provisional caston and picking up the stitches so that I could continue on with the rest of the foot. I ended up frogging the heel, and thankfully, was able to save the loops so I didn't end up having to frog the whole sock! Now my I dare try to do this heel again or try something different for the heel? What would you all suggest???? If I should do a different heelflap/heel what would you suggest??? I'm feeling as though if I should try the same heel again and fail, that I'll want to frog the whole sock. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!


Ginny said...

I have done one of the Welt Fantastic chevron socks from the book. (I hated doing the garter stitch at the top, so I haven't cast on the second yet.)

For the provisional cast-on, I used another sock yarn that I think was actually a slight bit bigger than the yarn I was using for the Welt Fantastic. So it made bigger loops that I didn't have trouble picking up. That might help.

However, my problem with the finished heel was that it looked a little "nipply." Alison shared this link to her blog on how to fix the problem:

Good luck!!

Alison said...

If you want to use the provisional cast on, do it using a smooth cotton crochet thread. It really does release easier than a wool.

Now personally, though I've done the forethought heel in my chevron socks (and fixed a bit as Ginny mentioned), it's just not my favorite heel. It does look really neat in these socks, but the fit just isn't best for my foot.

For self-striping yarn, I usually do a heel flap either using a coordinating color or just using the self-striping, then finding the stripe pattern to match the instep. My $.02.