Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ridged Feather - one down, one to go

Here is my version of the Ridged Feather socks:
Ridged Feather

I modified the pattern from 11 sts to 8 stitches, which worked, but I had to fiddle with the centering of the pattern down the foot, etc. I did the forethought heel and it worked, but it was too much juggling with the provisional cast on and joining into the round, especially with small needles. For the 2nd sock I plan on doing the afterthought heel, then I will be able to compare techniques.

It is my best fitting sock so far.

Feel free to visit ZenKnit for more details.


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Sue C said...

Nicely done! I've just finished a sock in the chevron pattern with the forethought heel. I ended up frogging the heel the first time, took a break from it and then gave it another try and finished it. I'm not all that anxious to get the second sock done mostly because I dread doing that heel again! LOL. I'm working on some socks from a sockalong group on yahoo and when I finish these, I'll force myself to go back and so that second sock.