Monday, July 24, 2006


I have been knitting baby sweaters for charity lately, as well as going to Quilt Camp, and have gotten behind on the sock knitting. I just looked at all the pictures and posts since I have visited this blog, and I am SOOOO impressed. Everyone's socks are so beautiful. I have lots of sock yarn, and hundreds ( not much of an exaggeration) of knitting needles, so I have no excuses. I mean, heck, even if I knit socks from this book for CIC, I will still be knitting socks, right? So I better go finish one more baby sweater and get back to knitting socks.

AJ in AZ

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Lucy said...

hi tracey, i couldn't find your email address, just wanted to say Thanks for your entry in my contest! Your story is one of my favorites! lulu