Monday, March 19, 2007

Beaded Rib Socks

Hi everyone! I discovered this group just as I finished my first pair of socks from the book. They're the Beaded Rib pattern, knit exactly as the pattern; toe up, short row toe and heel. I love these socks, and I really love the book. I tend to mess with patterns quite a bit anyway, so it's nice to have "recipes" for every method of sock knitting.

I used Wildfoote in a color called Mums; you can get all the gory details at my blog.

Next up I think will be the Garter Rib for my hubby, but I'll use the same construction as for these. It's the first pair I'll have made for him, so toe-up is the way to go; I'd hate to run out of yarn halfway down the foot!

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tiennie said...

Looks great! I love doing toe-up socks and I did the toe-up garter rib for my hubby too!