Tuesday, March 06, 2007

New, and a question....

Hi all! I'm fairly new to sock knitting, but had the book Sensational Knitted Socks recommended to me on the yahoogroup Addicted to Sock Knitting (which I'm finding I am! : ) ) and I am so glad! Here's the first sock I'm working on...
Yarn: 80% Llama, 20% Wool
Pattern: Baby Cable Rib
Needles: 2.5 mm double pointed
Anyways, so glad to have found this blog, and to be allowed to post!
I have a question I've been hoping someone could answer-how do you decide which colour combinations to come up with for the two yarn patterns (I'm thinking especially of the 4 stitch reticulated patterns). I'm considering some yarn with a lot of purple in it (Knit Picks Memories Rocky Mountain Dusk), but I'm not sure I want to pair it with basic black...What other colours do you think would be complementary?


Margie said...

I have a quick answer: swatch!
Seriously, it is the only way to know. However, pale grey, white or off white might work well. Are you thinking of a slip stitch design? Any color that matches one of the colors in the first yarn isn't good. Something in a neutral that goes well and contrasts. Grey, tan (my yuck color) green, pink, blue. It all depends on your yarn and what you like. Some people like low contrast, some like screaming loud clashing colors. Hope this helps

Ginny said...

From what I saw on the KnitPicks site, I think a deep purple would also make a great match with the Rocky Mountain Dusk. I'm a fan of basic black myself because I think it will highlight the variegated yarn.

And where did you find the llama yarn? Those socks look great too.

Vanessa said...

Thank you both soo much for your thoughts!! I think maybe a shade of grey to go with the Rocky Mountain Dusk would be cool (then I'd have the Rockies and the Dusk to go with them (grin)) Thanks!! It's nice to have someone else's thoughts to kickstart one's own mind, kwim?

Also, thanks so much for the compliment on the llama socks-I'm really enjoying how quick the pattern is working up! I bought the llama yarn off Ebay, from a seller in B.C (her user name is shelmack, and her real life web store is www.funknits.com ) I wanted to try it out, b/c my Dad has llamas that need to be sheared this spring anyways, to keep them cool through the summer (pretty heavy coats right now!) and I wanted to see if I liked the fiber-he said it's all mine if I want!! : )
Anyways, I do like it a lot-it is sooo soft and warm to work with!! The socks will be sooo nice for our Alberta winters, methinks! : )

Anyways, so glad to participate in this, and sooo nice to meet you!!