Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Crosshatch lace from moreSKS

I love these socks! After all my troubles they are wonderful. Here is a recap of what I did:
Pattern : Crosshatch Lace from mSKS
Yarn : Regia Bamboo, Jamaica #1066
Needles : started with 2.25mm moved down to 2.0mm, up to 2.5mm and finished with 2.25mm
Construction: Toe up Magic Cast On, Reversed Heel shaping, Hemmed cuff.
At 9.5sts/1" and foot measure 9.5" it looked as thought I should have 96 around. But this appeared too big, so I used 84. This was still too big, so when I got to the ankle I went down to 72sts. Although this is still quite loose, the hemmed cuff holds it in place. Next time I will go smaller than the book indicates.
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Shelley said...

Your socks look awesome! I really like the pattern - going to have to get that book!

marelle said...

Your socks inspire me to knit this pattern, which the picture in the book did not do. NICE socks!

Amy said...

Your socks came out beautifully. I'm working on the same pattern now in a solid.