Saturday, August 18, 2007

I need your help, please

I have started a new pair of socks. I love this yarn, the muted colors are absolutely lovely, and it is creating a very nice color pattern. I started doing a BasketWeave knit on the top of the foot, but I'm not sure if this is a waste of my time. Is it getting lost in the colorway? Am I loosing the overall effects of the colors by adding a texture? Or does it look fine, keep going. Hubby likes the BasketWeave and says keep going, but I also wanted your opinions. Thanks.
Sock on the right has the BasketWeave, and sock on the left is flipped over to the sole, showing no knitted texture.
More details at my Blog site.


yarnmule said...

I prefer the plain stockinette, but only slightly. Both socks actually look very nice, but the basketweave stitch is a little difficult to see.

I say go by what you like knitting better; if you're enjoying working the basketweave stitch, stick with it, but if you'd rather knit straight stockinette do that.

Amy said...

I see the pattern, but it's very subtle, and it fades the further away I get from the picture. I think it's getting lost, but the yarn is really pretty, I agree!

It depends on wether you like the color or the pattern more. If I wanted the pattern to get all the attention I'd probably have to change the yarn to something less busy. If it's the color I'd knit plain or use some sort of ribbing, that way it's not too plain texture wise.

Ultimately it's your call :)

Opal said...

I prefer the plain stockinette too. Though at first glance I couldn't even tell the difference between the two socks! It really is a pretty sock yarn.

AJ in AZ said...

I personally wouldn't bother with the basketweave in this colorway, but would save it for a plainer sock. However, as everyone says and knows, its completely up to you. I made basketweave socks myself in a tweedy yarn and they looked fine, but your yarn is gorgeous all by itself.

Dana KBS said...

I had similar concerns with a pair I made for my husband using striped Trekking XXL...the texture pattern competed with the yarn. I ended up liking it, and he loves them, but honestly for the work of keeping track of a 6-row pattern that didn't really show time I'll just rib 'em.

Maybe just a plain 2/2 rib to keep the socks snug?