Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Chevron Pattern

This illustrates a pair of socks I was knitting in Regia Surf Color, just before I pulled the needles out. The entire legs will need to be frogged. The chevron pattern is so tight I can't fit these socks over my heel. Unfortunately I didn't try the socks on until I had knit the entire leg and the cuff. Since I had decided to do an afterthought heel, it wouldn't have fit right, so I never bothered. Just before binding off, though, I gave it a shot and was horrified to find out I couldn't even put them on. I always knit this weight of yarn in a size one and it never occured to me that this pattern didn't have enough give. In retrospect, I should have gone up a size on the legs. These socks have been sitting since May, while I mourned the disaster, and finally I've gotten back to them, ready to start over on the legs, well, as soon as I finish a couple other socks, of course.

I see plenty of people have knit with this pattern, so I seem to be unique in having this problem.

Happy knitting!


Helen said...

What a shame, they look so pretty. I hope you can summon up the enthusiasm to return to them soon.

a-b said...

you can do it! once you've tinked/frogged back to the foot, you're most definitely going to experience an upsurge of momentum. they're gorgeous. :)

Anonymous said...

I have the books and love them. I don't understand what "center the pattern" means. I made the garter rib socks and it said to center the pattern. Can you help exsplain this? Sandra