Friday, January 12, 2007

I wanted to do the run of the mill, who cares if the stripes turn out wonky, heel. Does that make me a bad human being/Knitter? I feel guilty. I needed to come clean.
Well, If im gonna come clean, I may as well be squeaky about it. I was too lazy to find the scrap yarn required for the chevron pattern's afterthought heel. It just seemed like too much work for not all that rewarding a cause. I stuck with what I know. Im the pbj kinda sock knitter I suppose. But, honest nonetheless.

I apologize for the sideways picture. I am also too lazy to rotate apparently.


Anonymous said...

Love your sock. I always knit that same heel on my socks.

Opal said...

That just looks scary to me because I've never done an afterthought heel before. I love your sock though. :-)