Friday, January 19, 2007

New Blogger, Hostess Notes

Okay, our KAL has been moved to the new Blogger. I don't know if this will create problems for anyone trying to post. I think you might have to create a Google account or you might even need a new invitation. I am not sure, so if you are on the KAL and are having trouble posting, please let me know at the address on the sidebar with the subject "trouble posting". We can now use labels for our posts. For example, I've used "Hostess Notes" and "Baby Cable" for this post.

I've also gotten around to adding a few vendors on the sidebar who sell a bit of sock yarn. I'm not affiliated with any of them personally, but I've either had good service from them or know someone who has. If there are any you'd like me to add, just send an email with "sock yarn vendor" in the subject.

Meanwhile, I've been working on this:

Baby Cable Rib in Cherry Tree Hill colorway Spanish Moss.

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Cristina said...

Those are great! Thanks for sending the invite, Alison. Blogger is taking FOREVER to upload photos today, so my first entry is in the draft file for now.