Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Caesar's Check Heel Flap Corrections

Friday night I had a date with some graph paper and a pencil and managed to figure out the heel flap mess on this pattern. First of all, you have to have an uneven number of stitches to make the color and stitch patterns work...The pattern also has you using the wrong color at the wrong time. It's a mess all in all...

My corrections:
Must have uneven number of stitches, in my case (70 stitch sock) I needed the 35 stitches, so I did not move the 1 stitch over to the other needle.

Row 1 (WS): with dark K3, purl to end.
Row 2 (RS): with dark P3, *sl 1, K1, rep to last 3 sts, K3.
Row 3 (WS): K3 with dark, *P1 with light, P1 with dark, rep from * to last 4 sts, P1 with light, P3 with dark.
Row 3 (RS): P3 with dark, *sl 1, K1 with dark, rep from *, weaving in slipped color across to last 4 sts, sl 1, K3 with dark.

I had to fudge a little on the heel turning and toe decreases afterwards because my stitch counts didn't jive with the pattern, but all in all it turned out fine.

I'll be forwarding this info on to Martingale. We'll see what they say....

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