Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sock Inspirations

Jennifer (aka Laughing Rat) asked:
Actually, I've got a question about this: how much leeway do we have in regards to our socks being "by the book"? SKS has inspired me to make up my own socks, but sometimes they aren't exactly what's shown in the book. Can we share stuff like this too?

My answer: absolutely! I'm glad you asked, because I think the whole point of the book is to inspire knitters to make their own sock designs. So feel free to share socks inspired by the book. I'd love to know which patterns did the inspiring.

Also, if you find that I haven't put your name/blog link on the sidebar in a reasonable amount of time (two or three days at most), please speak up. I'm only human (with young kids), so things sometimes slip past me. I think I have everyone up now, but please let me know if something isn't correct or if you want to be listed as something different than what you are on the sidebar.

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laughingrat said...

Hey, thanks! And believe me, I was not offended about the name in the sidebar thing. I didn't even realize it yet--in fact I've been berating myself for not checking this page more often! It's hard to participate in a KAL sometimes, so it must be even harder to maintain one.

The pair I'm "designing" now are sort of inspired by the 3 x 3 cable socks from SKS, but really are going to be a lot more like the Nancy Bush ones from the Fall "Interweave Knits." If they even work out as planned...if they don't, maybe I'll fall back and do the ones right from the book.

My only problem with those is that the yarn I want to use is this beautifully multicolored Bearfoot, and it seems like the moss stitch in between the cables would just eat the colors right up. So I've taken that out and have popped in a rib instead. We'll see what happens!