Friday, February 17, 2006

Caesar's Check Woes

Dark: Koigu KPM #1017
Light: Koigu KPPPM #P800

Hello everyone. I'm new to your group. I found the KAL while searching for errata for this pattern I'm working on for Caesar's Check. The heel flap is all jacked up. I've solved a couple of the problems in the heel flap instructions:

Row 4 should start with P3, rather than K3
Rows 3 and 4, the first three stitches should be knit with dark, and not light.

I'm still working on my issues with the slip stitch pattern. I continue to get a "checkerboard" effect, rather than the vertical stripe. I'm thinking I need to have an uneven number of stitches rather than the even 34 I'm working on. So, that's my next attempt at a possible solution!

I've also emailed the publisher. I couldn't believe it but I actually got an initial reply in less than 24 hours! That has to be a good sign. I'll let you all know how that goes.


Karen said...

Your sock is beautiful!! I've never knit with Koigu, but my sister knit me a pair of socks out of it and they are wonderful (reinforce those heels, ask me how I know).
If I can figure out (again) how to start a new post I will post a picture of my Trekking Baby Cable Rib socks.

Kyrthira Phelan said...

Karen: From the main Blogger page, there's a + sign next to the link for the SKS blog. Poof.

Alison said...

Lovely! I'm using Knitpicks for my mosaic socks. I love the pattern (without the errors, of course).

trish said...

I've made the Caesar's Checks socks, and now that you mention it, I do remember not following the pattern precisely as in the book. I put it down to the photo of the finished sock in the book not matching the book, and I ended up doing what made sense to me. You are probably right, it is more likely an error in the pattern, but odd that the errata didn't include it. Let us know if you hear back from the publisher.

Here's a link to my blog entries on my Caesar's Checks. This post has a closeup of the knitted fabric.

Your Koigu colors with navy are wonderful!

Kyra said...

Well, I've finished sock #1. Let's just say that the instructions for the heel flap are about as wrong as they can be. Tomorrow I'll post a photo and an attempt at pattern corrections...

Laura said...

Wow I love the colors you're using on these socks!