Monday, February 06, 2006

Class Sock

Well I am working on the class sock in the book. I am going to make a pair and give them to my niece. I'm not sure when they will fit her but they should eventually. :) I am doing this has part of my training for the Knitting Olympics! I am making Jaywalkers for that but I needed to at least knit a sock first. :)


Karen said...

It looks great!! I'm knitting Jaywalker, it is fun pattern. I'm knitting mine in some Shaefer (?) Anne, and they are loverly.

Alison said...

Love that color!

Elizabeth said...

I found the class sock to be the most fun! I made several pair for the grandkids! They fit a large range of sizes in the width! Easy to fix if they are too short, just save some yarn!