Thursday, November 30, 2006


Just in time to wear for the LSAT on Saturday: the Law School (Chevron) Socks!

More details are on the blog, if you scroll down a couple posts past the baby hat FO. I hope they'll bring me luck on Saturday!

I'm sorry I haven't been commenting as much on everyone's blogs (hi, Carrie and Susan!) but I hope to after the first of the year when the application process cools down and the holidays are over. Then it will just be knitting and baking the "bun" in the oven (due March 10).

I would like to thank Alison for her helpful comments on working the forethought heels on the chevron-type socks. I followed her advice and decreased every other row (per the pattern) for half of the heel, and then I decreased every row. Bingo -- no nipply heels! This pair turned out much better than the Welt Fantastic pair I made.

Did I mention lately how much I love SKS? My sister just took up knitting, and wants to start making socks, so I think I might get this book for her for Christmas.

I hope everyone has a good holiday season!

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