Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sock Answers

Why make socks when you can buy them in bulk at the store?

Several years ago I was shopping in Target, and was puttering around the hoisery section looking for some warm chunky socks. While looking, I thought, "Hey, I can knit, why don't I make some?" and then immediately thought, "My god, spend all that time knitting just for a pair of socks???" and totally dismissed the idea. I never did find any delicious chunky socks, and wound up buying a set of thin boring socks that had holes a month later. That very evening I was at our knitter's circle, and the hostess showed us 2 pairs of hand-knit socks. I had never seen such fabulous socks. I was wowed. I was hooked. The next day I ran to the LYS, bought yarn, a pattern, and double points. Within a few weeks I had finished that pair and bought circular needles, and within a few months I had made socks for the whole family, more pairs for me, and started collecting a formidible stash of sock yarn that continues to grow. I love my homemade socks. They feel RIGHT on my feet, while other socks just feel tolerable. They are beautiful to look at and give me joy. I also like the portability of knitting socks. I can stuff the yarn into my pockets and knit on the socks as I travel, or whenever I have a few spare seconds. That's one thing I like in particular about the circular needles, they are much more durable as a project than double points, which always fell out.

What is your favorite sock yarn?

I like anything that stripes. I'm always in search of better stripes. I have knitted more regia than anything else, possibly because it's affordable. Second to Regia would be Cascade Fixation. I had a Fixation fix a few years ago, but haven't knit it for a while. I really need to try Socks that Rock, I keep reading about it.

What is your favorite online sock yarn store?

I've ordered a lot from The prices are very reasonable, the service excellent, and I'm a sucker for free shipping. I also have ordered from

What is your favorite pattern from SKS?

I really love how the basket rib weave knits up. I also like the mosaic socks, though I have yet to make a pair that really pleases me.


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