Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Thanks, Alison, for sending me an invitation. I'm a big fan of Charlotte's books.

I finished the spiral toe (book 2) on sock two of my double spiral socks. I used 76 stitches for the ribbing and 84 for the pattern, which had a repeat of 14 stitches. 70 stitches would not have fit my ankle, but it would probably fit a normal sized ankle. I used 2.5 mm needles and navy solid Knitpicks Essentials with a Regia color yarn. I used just over one skein of the navy yarn and a little less than one skein of the Regia. Someone with normal sized ankles would have no problem knitting the pair from one skein of each yarn. Sport weight yarn and 56 stitches would probably work too.

I'm using the Double Spiral mosaic (slip stitch) design from Sensational Knitted Socks. I'm quite happy with the look of the heel and gusset on this pair. I've made several mosaic patterned socks and the gusset decreases always wreak havoc with the pattern. I think I almost solved the issue with this design. More Sensational Knitted Socks has more ideas that I'll use in future sock designs. It came in my Knitpicks order along with the second skein of navy Essentials yarn so I could finish sock two. I love all of the mosaic stitches in both books.

I finished the first socks I made with a book pattern on March 30th. My DH is wearing them to work today. Sorry for the bad pictures. I think I need a camera of my own. DD always has hers and I'm forced to use my scanner. I used the alternating 2 X 2 rib and a vintage Socka yarn in brown tweedy stripes. Boring socks to make but a very nice finished product. I've also started a pair of broad spiral rib socks from the new book in some vintage Opal yarn. I have to recommend this pattern. It's hard to see in the dark yarn but it looks great. I am just using a plain K4, P2 rib on the foot portion of the sock instead of the baby cable rib on the leg. More pictures when I'm finished.


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Dana KBS said...

These are all beautiful! Lovely work...I love to see how many different types of socks are all generated from these creative books.