Sunday, April 22, 2007

A question about elastic

I wanted to get some opinions on adding elastic to cotton socks.

My first Swedish Block Sock in the 4 ply cotton is at the cuff stage, but I didn't want to do a plain ribbed top and just have it fall down. I've never done a pure cotton sock before, but I wanted to try it for experiment's sake. Ribbing alone doesn't seem like it would be enough with this yarn.

I was thinking of doing a fold over hem at the top with a narrow elastic band inside, like you see with knit skirts. I just haven't had the strength to do it yet! I wanted to know if anyone had any other suggestions. If you have links to other people that have done the same, those would appreciated as well!



yarnmule said...

You could also knit your usual ribbing (if that's the look you would prefer), but carry along an elastic thread, or even weave in the elastic thread after if the ribbing doesn't pull in the way you would like. I believe Vogue Knitting has good instructions for this, but if you don't have that I'm sure you could find it elsewhere.

AJ in AZ said...

I always carry a strand of Wooly Nylon with a cotton yarn. You can buy it at any chain fabric store or online. It works the best with a ribbed or patterned leg and foot. If you just do stockinette, the cotton will just stretch out regardless, and even Wooly Nylon can't stop it.