Friday, April 13, 2007

Intro post.

Hello everyone.

My name is Amy, and I just got my invitation to this knitalong this week.

When I bought the first Sensational Knit Socks book, I didn't know what I was in for. That book really changed my knitting life. My socks fit and they're not too tight at the cuff, and it's about all I knit anymore. Socks are portable and I have a better chance of finishing than most other projects, even though I still want to make a few sweaters I'm not embarrassed to wear (I've only got one right now). Plus I have a lot of sock yarn to burn through. The 'sock yarn doesn't count as stash' thing just doesn't apply to me! I've finished a good number of projects from SKS, most of them before I got a digital camera and a blog. I finished a couple of Garter Rib Anklets and one Waffle Rib sock this year so far, and plain stockinette socks using the Fair Isle instructions.

The second book is even more fun than the first, and I started a project from it a couple of weeks ago, in anticipation of getting in on the knitalong. It's a sock in the 'Stems' pattern knit in DK weight yarn. The first sock is done, and hopefully I'll get a good picture of it this weekend to show progress. I'm slowly going through the leg on the second one, because I haven't had much knitting time lately.

Hopefully I'll be very active there. It's the first knitalong I've truly participated in. I got really sick during Socktoberfest and couldn't get anything done that month, so I'm going to make up for it!

Thanks for the invite!

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