Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Little Chevron Rib

This is my first pair of socks from SKS2. I am enjoying the 10-stitch pattern (only a 4-row repeat, hence the reading of Helen of Troy whilst knitting!). I'm doing them two at once, using two circular needles. It feels slower but for me is probably faster in the long run.

I was worried at first that the knit/purl chevrons would get lost in the Trekking XXL stripes, but now that I'm a few inches in, I really like how the stitch pattern makes the yarn look very nubbly and tweedy.

More info and an additional photo on my blog. :-) Dana


Beverly said...

Your socks are looking great. That's a wonderful tweedy look that the Trekking creates in this pattern.

Linda said...

I've been thinking of knitting two socks at once on two circs because I tend to get second-sock-itis! What length circs do you use? I'm using 40cm length Addis but wonder if they might be too short to knit two at the same time.

Linda said...

Meant to say previously - very nice socks!!

Dana KBS said...


I am using 24" circulars and the size is fine. I find that the 32" ones are too long and end up misbehaving when I'm trying to knit. The last pair of socks I did this way, though, I used one 24" and one 32" and it was OK, though I think I prefer the 24".

Casting on is the hardest part about the 2 socks/2 circs method, closely followed by keeping the yarn from getting trapped and tangled, but once I get in the flow it goes pretty well. :-)