Monday, April 30, 2007

Elongated Corded Rib

Yes, I hung my sock in a bush! It's the only place with some decent light at 7pm here. :) Sorry it's not on a sock blocker, but it's a size 7 and won't fit on my big size 10 blockers. :)
This pattern was very easy to memorize, and I'm down to the heel on the second sock. It's one of the 4-stitch patterns in Charlene's SKS book. Next...something from More SKS for a secret swap pal.
Kris in NH


Vanessa said...

Love the picture!! Very reminiscent of Mountain Colors pattern pix!! Beautiful sock!! Thanks for sharing!!

Dana KBS said...

I really like the elongated corded rib pattern--easy but elegant. I've done the corded rib, but not the elongated variation. Pretty color, too!